The process of transforming your life, relationship, health (physical and mental) and career, doesn't happen overnight. Elle believes in order to become the best version of ourselves, self love, self worth, rewiring old beliefs, habits, and patterns via self development requires that we commit to the journey. It is imperative one invests consistent quality time, energy and resources to acquire the tools and self awareness to breakthrough the areas in our life that aren't working in order to create the changes necessary to live an uncompromised life.

Coaching clients are 100% committed to themselves and willing to lean into discomfort and face off resistance and get support the support from Elle to follow through to completion.

Although Elle offers many types of coaching styles here is everything outlined for clear understanding.


Sessions are up to (60+) sixty plus: minutes in duration, either once a week/ fortnightly or monthly via phone session or video conferencing for clients with 1:1 coaching.


All coaching sessions are scheduled through Elle’s easy online calendar a minimum of twenty-four hours in advance.

All sessions must be booked by client within said calendar month/week and may not be carried over into future weeks/ fortnights/months unless communicated and agreed upon in advance. Should client not book sessions or communicate a freeze desire (see below) they will be forfeited.

In order to accommodate your ideal appointment times, we strongly advise you to schedule all paid sessions as far in advance as possible immediately after remitting your payment.


Elle offers 1 x 1:1 Havening Session as a taste, if you’d like to continue in working with Elle it’s a requirement to continue with 4 sessions, or a coaching program due to the power of Havening Techniques its in the clients best interest to ensure they do the work required in order to achieve their desired result.

Sessions are up to (90- 120) ninety - one hundred and twenty minutes in duration, these sessions are to be used within an agreed upon timeframe with an 1 month window of booking the appointment. Otherwise they will be forfeited.


All coaching sessions are scheduled through Elle’s easy online calendar a minimum of twenty-four hours in advance.

All ongoing sessions must be booked by client within said calendar month/week and may not be carried over into future months unless communicated and agreed upon in advance. Should client not book sessions or communicate a freeze desire (see below) they will be forfeited.

In order to accommodate your ideal appointment times, we strongly advise you to schedule all paid sessions as far in advance as possible immediately after remitting your payment.


All payments/deposits are non-refundable. Paid in full payments or the first month deposits are made through Pay pal or over the phone with Elle during the initial discovery call. By clicking the terms below, you have provided Elle or Pay pal with your credit card details, and authorize your credit card to be debited for services.


*OPTION 2. Weekly/ Fortnightly or Monthly payment installments automated via Pay pal are paid one month in advance

Automated credit card payments are made through Pay pal, via debit card, Pay pal balance or major credit card. You will be taken to a secure page and your payment will be processed through Pay pal's secure payment processing system on the same day of each month that you made the first installment.

If an alternative method of payment is necessary, kindly schedule a call with Elle to discuss possibilities.

Unless discussed otherwise and in email communication the above applies.


It is clients responsibility to book their sessions. Please arrive ON TIME (either in person, or call Elle by Zoom/ FB Video or phone) at your scheduled appointment. Clients call Elle at 0420 615 547 or via Facebook messenger for International clients. Sessions started late may need to be ended at the scheduled time in consideration of those with appointments following your session. It is your responsibility to initiate the call at your scheduled time. Kindly keep calling and/or send a text to make sure your calls went through.

In between sessions communication support procedure: Elle is committed to communicating with all clients often and being in constant communication in between sessions in order to create maximum results. Elle is not into email, therefore, our sole communication platform will be Voxer. Download the Voxer app through the apple store or Google play store for android.

Connect with her via voice text for encouragement and support from your Life want to share a BIG win, running late, brainstorm ideas and to give updates from growth work assignments and so on.

All contracts come with UNLIMITED text and voice messaging support via the VOXER app. Please allow 24-48 hours reply especially over the weekend or when Elle travels. EMERGENCY? CALL ME DIRECT AND TEXT MY CELL! I AM HERE FOR YOU!


This agreement between the Life, Relationship and Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner Elle Louise Mcbride PTY LTD. The Client is a binding (2) month agreement as of the date it is submitted electronically. As the Coach, Elle Mcbride will encourage, motivate, guide, and support client in these three areas. The real work, results and outcomes of personal success is the sole responsibility of the Client, and the Coach serves as a Mentor and Consultant.


As a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Elle Mcbride has to have up to date insurance due to the sensitivity and power of Havening Techniques ® and the power of touch. Here are the details of her current insurance policy.

Type: Combined Malpractice, Public & Products Liability Insurance

Policy: Allied Health Insurance

Insured: Elle Mcbride

Profession: Allied Health, Havening Techniques®

Policy Number: LPS019843889

Insurer: AAI Limited T/As Vero Insurance

ABN: 48 005 297 807


As the Client, I understand that these sessions are consultative in nature and that any actions and decisions made by me are solely my responsibility. My Coach shall in no way be held liable or responsible for any actions taken, or not taken, by me. My Coach makes neither guarantees nor warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved.

Coaches are neither trained psychologists nor counselors, or therapists. Elle McBride is certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner and Coach.


You acknowledge that Elle may choose to discontinue working with you at anytime and Clients may forfeit un-used paid sessions. Elle can only coach or support a client into getting results if they book and use their sessions.

If a client has gone a 15 day period and chosen to not booked their sessions with Elle. Elle will freeze their account until client books and completes a re-commitment or completion call. Client understands that should they choose to differ this call, sessions will be forfeited with no refunds.

If at anytime client wishes to discontinue coaching services, you may cancel upon providing to Elle Mcbride twenty (20) days written notice at IN SUBJECT: My desire to cancel. If cancelation email comes mid month, client is still responsible for the final months monthly payment. This will allow the Coach an opportunity to address any concerns you may have, and honor both parties commitment, the policy along with both parties time.

There will be no refunds for paid sessions, and no refunds for missed sessions.

All scheduled sessions require a twenty-four (24) hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling via the online scheduler or you may risk forfeiting that paid session.

We understand life throws curve balls, so clients who've paid their agreement in advance, may wish to "freeze" their coaching services and redeem future unused sessions at a later agreed upon date with written notice to

Clients in a month - month agreement who've agreed to monthly installments will be responsible for providing thirty days written notice, and will be billed as agreed within the cancellation period. Clients who miss a monthly payment installment are still responsible for months remaining in contract. However, those clients who choose to redeem their final paid sessions may do so within 30 days following cancellation, or forfeit their remaining sessions.


Cancellation of paid and scheduled appointments require at least twenty-four (24) hours advance notice, and may be rescheduled at any available time within the current coaching month via the schedule once system. Please be advised that unscheduled, cancelled, or unused monthly sessions will not be eligible for refunds nor carried over to future months unless discussed and agreed to in advance. Sessions can be transferable within time frame, however are not refundable.

Exceptions may be granted in cases of holiday, vacations, illness, bereavement, or surgeries per Elle’s discretion.

A "no-show" is defined as failing to show up for your scheduled coaching call, and not communicating your cancellation at least (24) twenty-four hours in advance. A twenty (20) minute maximum grace period is acceptable for instances when a client is running late and informed Elle accordingly. However, after 20 minutes into your scheduled time, your session will be forfeited and considered a "no-show".

Exceptions may be made for emergencies when Elle has been notified. An emergency is otherwise defined as you or a family member becoming physically incapacitated at the time of your scheduled call due to an unexpected illness, injury, or unforeseen life work obligation.

In the event a client is a "no-show" and has missed scheduled coaching calls up to three (3) times during their six (6) month coaching contract, Elle reserves the right to cancel or freeze the client's account, and all future paid sessions may be forfeited until a commitment call is conducted.

After the third no-show and or 30 days with not booking a session, and as a final courtesy, Client will have 14 days to schedule and complete a commitment or completion call with Elle. If this call is not completed, client will forfeit all remaining paid sessions and no refund. This commitment call will count towards your paid coaching sessions. Elle reserves the right to discontinue coaching at that time if you're not committed to continuing life coaching, and there will be no refund for paid sessions.

If client is out of communication and thirty (30) days delinquent of final monthly payment account may be referred to collection.

At no time will refunds be offered, the sessions are however transferable.


Clients who have paid in full for coaching packages and haven't reached the maximum number of three (3) no-shows may choose to "freeze" their account for up to a maximum of ninety (90) days if requested in writing. After ninety (90) days of inactivity (meaning a commitment call has not been completed) all paid and unscheduled sessions will be forfeited.

By submitting this agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the Policies & Procedures and agree to them. Client agrees to not use Elle’s tools, practices, slogans, affirmations, teachings, exercises, content and repurpose and claim as their own.


Thank you for your commitment to doing the work to be the best version of you and allowing me to support you in creating transformation in your life. I'm blessed to be the wind beneath your wings so you can own your worth, live an uncompromised life and remember your truth, That you are and always have been enough!

Light Love and Curiosity

Elle Mcbride