Havening Session Testimonials

Thank you so much Elle, your very gentle guided Havening session via skype has totally changed a childhood memory, which on reflection would have lead to some on my thoughts and behaviors throughout life.

I felt a total release, and the next morning the memory now replays totally different and I feel a complete shift in my thoughts since. Thank you again.
— Tara, 45 yo - Ireland
I had a 1:1 session with Elle. After being sick for 4 weeks I went into this session needing to get back on track, not only health wise but mentally as well. I had been starting to feel anxious about my illness and after this session with Elle I haven’t looked back. Elle was brilliant, so calm and positive giving me a sense of worth and pushing me to look deep inside myself to find a certain self respect. I came out of the session ready to tackle anything that came my way.
Thank you Elle for being there. Xx
— Sharron, 43 - Batemans Bay
Dearest Elle, thank you so much for my two amazing and life changing Havening sessions.

I went into those sessions with an open mind but still quite skeptical about the whole process. You made me feel at bay and like I was able to sit comfortably in front of you and open up to you about things that would normally simultaneously give me anxiety. Your voice is calm and smoothing which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

By the end of my second session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt as though I could confidently talk about the scenarios in my life that used to more or less bother me.

Elle made my Havening experience an amazing one. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who I thought it could potentially help.

You have helped me achieve a huge milestone in my life due to just two Havening sessions with you. I am now able to do things in confidence and in strength. I am able to look at what happened in my life and look at it as a learning curve rather than a tragic nightmare.

Thank you for helping me learn how to love myself and look back at my life and only see the positives. You are an amazing lady and I couldn’t recommend you enough.
— Millie, 17 - Gold Coast
Elle is the absolute embodiment of unconditional love. She is so loving, giving & nurturing and deeply cares about service & humanity. I had the pleasure of receiving a havening session with Elle a few months ago and it was absolutely incredible. Elle cleared negative emotions that were trapped in my body, she helped me to release limiting beliefs and I felt so open, free & connected after our time together. It’s true, this woman has magical healing hands. Please gift yourself this opportunity & experience the power & love that you have inside of you. You absolutely deserve it xx
— Abergale - 30, Gold Coast
Havening with Elle was incredible. I have done a lot of healing modalities In the past, and I really enjoyed the experience. As well as having shifts around my past experiences which had still been causing me pain. A series of events followed on afterwards that keep happening,
— Keezia, 30 - Gold Coast
I have been weaning off antidepressant medications with the help of my doctor when I had a session of the groundbreaking neuroscientific Havening Technique with Elle.

Elle is so caring and compassionate and I think that she has a magic touch - the value of human touch cannot be overestimated.

Havening is meant to quickly and effectively remove negative thoughts and emotions that can be blocking you, focus your mind and behaviors towards achieving your dreams and goals. It certainly has done this even with just one session.

I can’t believe the difference Elle has made when many other “experts” have failed. After leaving Elle I have more self-confidence and self-belief.

What a gift she has to share with the world. I have become clear about what I really want, going forward, my anxiety, fears and blocks have been removed. I feel so much more motivated now to create the future of my dreams.

My distressing memories have completely and utterly disappeared - I can honestly say this happened instantly before I left Elle my memories left me; almost like magic.

I can, and will, recommend Elle to everyone; she truly has an incredible gift.

She is an absolute angel.
— Christine, 56 - Gold Coast
WOW! I’m not even sure there are words to describe how positively Elle has impacted my life.

I am not going to lie, I was skeptical. I even thought to myself “nah, this is just part of me, this car accident just means I can’t do certain things and possibly never drive again”.
I had lived my life a certain way for so long, I was sure nothing was going to help, let alone free me from the restrictions and anxiety surrounding it.

Well how wrong I was, my one on one sessions with Elle have been eye opening. After just a couple of sessions it enabled me to achieve something I never thought possible. I have a strong sense of self now and I know that I am only given challenges that I can personally handle.

Along with my affirmations for this new year and beyond I feel like a freed woman.

Thank you Elle.
— - Zoe, 32 - Victoria

1:1 Coaching Client Testimonials

Why did you initially decide you needed a coach?

I had recently been promoted in to a role much bigger and senior than I had ever been in before and was beginning to notice that my resilience - even with the smallest of inconveniences - was minimal (if not non-existent!).  I was putting extreme pressure on myself, and didn’t realise that that I was unhappy. I had also gone through a lot of change - moving in with my very new boyfriend, cutting friends out that weren’t good for me, and going through some family issues.  I was numbing every single night with alcohol, eating bad foods that made me feel good, not exercising like I usually love to do, and working long hours. I was putting on weight, was feeling angry and sad all the time, and kept thinking that I needed some help to provide me with tools and techniques to lead a happier and healthier life.  Life is not supposed to be lived the way I did for well over a year!

How you felt about yourself at the start of you 6 weeks?

Reflecting on how I felt at the start… I didn’t realise just how unhappy I was!

I couldn’t get out of bed.  I was drinking every night to curb my anxiety and stop my brain.  I was crying A LOT. I was sick… so sick. I have endometriosis and I was having flare ups ALL.THE.TIME.  I ended up in hospital right before beginning with Elle, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. All tests were coming back with a clean bill of health.  I was adamant that they had mixed my results up with someone else’s. I was eating junk food - ALL THE TIME. I constantly beat myself up about how I looked. I was spending so much time in bed.  I was complaining ALL THE TIME. My skin was breaking out constantly. I was so anxious. I never stopped to think about what was good. And I really didn’t think that I was enough as I am, or worthy of anything good.

How has this changed after working with Elle?

FAR OUT!  As my boyfriend says “you are so chilled and so relaxed now!  You have completely changed - for the better!”

Yes, I still get anxious.  However I have the tools and techniques now to realise when I am slipping in to these patterns and to stop myself.  

I LOVE MYSELF!!  And I don’t find that hard to write.  I don’t look in the mirror and pick out all of the negative things about myself.  Actually, after having my first face to face session with Elle when she came to Sydney to see me… when I looked in the mirror, I saw a completely different person.  I am more present for Dean, and our relationship has never been better. He always showed me love and affection, and I didn’t realised that I wasn’t showing it back… now I do!

I am more calm and level headed at work.  I am so much more positive, and clear headed.  I have so much more energy… and do not numb anymore!!  I’ve completely stopped drinking, except for when I go out for friends birthdays and other celebrations.

What emotions were you experiencing on a daily basis before working with Elle and how have they changed?

Anxiety, sadness, anger, stress… all were daily experiences.

I still feel stressed and anxious regularly, however can easily bring myself back in to the room rather than letting these emotions consume me and take over.

I am no longer sad, or angry.  My partner has also noticed that I am able to compartmentalise negative situations and let them go… I used to hang on to those things FOREVER!!

What Behaviours have changed in the last 6 weeks?

I practice gratitude!!  I never did this before, and actually thought it was silly… Now, I notice when I have forgotten to journal for a couple of days… my anxiety definitely peaks!

I listen to my personal recordings that Elle has made for me daily, and/or practice meditation - and I do this right before my gym classes in the morning.  It is amazing how grounded I am afterwards - and how I can reflect on the stress/anxiety I woke up and travelled to the gym with.

My behaviours at work have shifted completely.  I am able to take difficult situations in my stride… and got through presenting to 600 people with relative ease (when I would have previously had a nervous breakdown over presenting in front of 20!)

I am able to compartmentalise negative situations, and let them go.

I listen to myself and what my body is telling me.  If I need to rest… I rest!!! I don’t beat myself up and give myself the negative talk about not going to the gym or feel guilty about not cleaning…and you know what??  Despite a virus that I got… I haven’t got sick! And I haven’t

I don’t drink except for the odd celebration.  I am feeding my body with nourishing, healthy foods… and I want to!

How were your Havening experiences/ sessions?

Extremely powerful.

Going back to situations that I have held on to for many years, that have impacted my life (without me even realising) was confronting - not going to lie… But wow… havening has changed my life.  I have let go of so many things in such a short period of time, and I am living such a free life! I can’t even explain it, and when I try it just doesn’t give havening justice… but I am so grateful.

It helps me at work when I’m nervous and about to face in to a difficult situation, it helps me sleep, and it has helped me to let go. Everyone needs havening!

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working with Elle?

Elle has changed my life.  Completely changed my life, and I can’t thank her enough.  If you are thinking about working with her, don’t question it anymore - just do it.  You won’t regret it. Reflecting on the person who I was 6 weeks ago, to the person I am now… it’s like chalk and cheese.  She has your back, one million percent, and is one of the biggest supporters I have ever met. What Elle does is so powerful, and I don’t think she will ever truly understand how highly I regard her for the work she does and the beautiful person she is.  I completely trust Elle and what she is sharing with the world, she was able to bring out the things that were holding me back (that I didn’t even realise were holding me back!), and help me to let go so that I can look forward and live a positive, free life.