Sessions with Elle

Havening Techniques® Sessions generally last 90-120 minutes.

Sessions can be done in person (Gold Coast & surrounding areas) or via Facetime, Zoom, Skype. 

Session are outlined below, however, these are not limited and will be designed to suit the individual needs. 

-Packages and programs will be INDIVIDUALLY designed for you - 

- 1:1 Session -

I offer 1 x 1:1 session as a taster, my work is powerful and potent and we achieve maximum results after 4 session.

- 1:1 Coaching — 4-8 weeks

I am committed to your development and I limit my clients so you get the best of me and can contact me for support when needed. Each 1:1 program is specialized to you. No 2 clients needs are the same, 1:1 coaching allows us to follow the below 4 step method.

- 1:1 Mentoring — 3 months

I offering mentoring to those who are in the work of helping others, those who are being the light for others and forget about their own. My mentoring is done in a state of flow, 1:1 24 hours support and real tips on how to handle all that comes on the journey whilst working together.

- Group Coaching -

Do you have a group or know a group who would be interested in Havening? Each group session is specialized to the groups needs. Do you have a team in business, sports, I can help build moral and motivation. Or groups of men and women, parents, singles who want to work on their relationships you name it, We can Haven it. so feel free to contact me for further information.  

- 4 Session 1:1 Package - Breakdown

As a general rule of thumb here is am outline of what you can expect with 4 sessions of working with Elle. Keep in mind things do change client/client.

- first session  - #rewind

The first stage to breaking through what holds you back, Before you do anything else you have to clean up and throw away the old rotten beliefs and thoughts that are stinking up your subconscious mind. Going back and finding the reasons behind your issues is the first step in creating permanent change.

In the first session we will work together around the area that's troubling you the most, You’ll experience Introduction to Havening Techniques® and release an encoded distressing/traumatic memory that is holding you back, beliefs and discuss options for radical transformation.

- Second Session - #redefine

The second stage is to Redefine who you are! What you actually want and what you choose to happen next so you can integrate your new subconscious beliefs in to your daily life. This means coaching your conscious mind and body to direct your energy, attention and awareness towards the things you do want and away from the things you don’t want. Life is like layers of an onion and once we peel back the first layer we will have more uncover itself.

In the second session we will also work with whats unfolded since the first and start working on building resilience, through other forms of Havening® .

- Third session - #Remind

The third stage is deliberate & conscious creation of your desire through massive, aligned action. But not just any action, consistent action that pushes you past your comfort zone so you train your brain for a new way of living. The mind learns by repetition, need evidence?

You didn't learn the alphabet the first time you heard it?

Taking deliberate action creates a feedback loop between your outside and inside world. With repetition you go from thinking to knowing you're capable of change.

By this stage you'll feel free from your worries and limitations however I believe in "putting in the good stuff" so this session is all about feeling good!

This session will also come with a set of personalized affirmations to use on yourself for ongoing support and resilience growth.

- Fourth session - #Rewire

The fourth and final stage, is to rewire your new way of being. Your brain is wired to do more of the things that bring you pleasure and move you away from pain. So, it's vital and essential that you rewire in new and positive thought patterns back into your everyday life.

This session will also come with a personalized recording to use on yourself for ongoing support in creating the life that you want to live.

Bonus Session

In case we need to go over anything in depth this session will ensure we’ve covered all bases and I'll  teach you how to use Havening Technique® on yourself, so you can truly live an unstoppable life. 

This session will also include some other techniques and access unreleased services.

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