Reconnect is a women’s re-embodiment & self love retreat.

A journey towards wholeness, a sacred space for women to come home to themselves and become their own guru.

This retreat is for women who are currently yearning for more in their life. More joy, happiness, self-love, self-care, abundance, better health, wealth, deepened relationships with themselves and others + a sense of purpose and direction in life.

2019 Retreats

2nd - 5th July - Berry NSW

8th - 12th October - Noosa QLD

25th - 29th November - Gold Coast QLD

Four nights and five transformational days dedicated just to YOU.

This Retreat is for you if:

✨You’re ready to reconnect with yourself with true self-acceptance and self-love.

✨You’re ready to remove the mask and stopping hiding who you really are.

✨You’re looking for a deepened relationship and more inner peace within yourself.

✨You’re struggling to find stillness and quiet the thoughts.

✨You’re not even sure who you are anymore Or perhaps you’ve never met your true authentic self. She’s been locked away as long as you can remember.

✨You’re tired of putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own? Sick of being left feeling stressed, burnt out and resentful.

✨You’re ready to let go of the trauma, excuses, toxic relationships, negative self-talk, self-doubt and limiting Beliefs that are keeping you trapped, stuck and unable to move forward.

✨You’re ready to anchor in new empowering belief about yourself, and truly know that you are deserving of more love, joy, freedom and abundance in all areas of your life.

✨You’re ready to release the past and look forward to the future.

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What you will receive:

- 4 Nights & 5 days twin share accommodation (VIP Packages available for private rooms)
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner included daily, all meals prepared on site (all dietary needs catered to)
- Group Hypnosis activations
- Group guided meditation sessions
- Group guided Havening Techniques Sessions
- Women’s connection circles
- Yoga + Pilates sessions
- Heart opening Cacao Ceremonies
- Goodie bag on arrival from incredible sponsors
- Powerful group activities + group workshops
- Nature walks
- Connection with a group of like-minded women and walk away with sisters for life
- 24/7 access to a private Facebook group

PLUS you will receive a 6 week program ‘RISE’ valued at over $2400.00 to assist you back into your daily life, with the tools and support that will enable you to continue to create long lasting change.

Included in the program:

- Weekly zoom calls
- Online Havening and Hypnosis sessions
- Online tangible tools and resources
- Further support in unblocking your life
- 24/7 access to a private Facebook group

What does 5 days at Reconnect Retreat look like? 

Here is a breakdown of each day to give some insight!

Day 1 - is all about connecting with who you are, what you want and what’s currently holding you back. Identify the blocks and setting powerful intentions for what you are committed to letting go of during the retreat. 

Day 2 - Healing and letting go of the past, Shedding of old  identities and self, letting go of past traumas, limiting beliefs and diving into a deeper level of forgivenesses of others and self.

Day 3 - Is breakthrough day, a transformational day of truly reconnecting back to self and taking radical as well stepping into your power.

Day 4 - A powerful day of integration and stepping into your future self. Giving you the tangible tools and knowledge to become your own guru. This is the day where we choose ourselves and set new standards for all areas of your life

Day 5 - On the final day we step into your innate empowered and embodied self, full self expression and ready to step back into the world knowing that you already have everything you need already inside of you and truly knowing and feeling this from within.

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Amazing, positive journey you will experience. I have just returned from my first ever retreat and feel really blessed I got to do it with these two beautiful souls.
Highly recommend
— Pamela Perry
These girls changed my life!.. really and truly.
My soul has been cracked open and with love and nurturing and endless support I’m finding and using the tools to put it back together again.
I couldn’t recommend these retreats enough.
I would go on everyone if I had the chance .
If there is even the slightest voice telling you to go.
listen to it. Choose you and go!! You won’t regret it!
— Janey Elizabeth
My first retreat was spent with these wonderful women, Elle and Ella. I made such a personal transformation during that few days. If anyone is considering taking this path I would absolutely recommend from the bottom of my heart ❤ you will soar after a few days in this positive environment!
— Lara Forsdick
Enlighten Retreats was my first experience at a retreat. I was welcomed with open arms, laughter and some tears.
The time spent in Berry on the mountain was life changing.
I faced off with some heavy baggage I’d been carrying all my life and I threw it off the mountain! Ella and Elle were supportive of all our moments and facilitated healing, yoga, meditation, Havening and so much more. Thank you both from my heart to yours xx

Ev’s home cooked meals were amazing and I was so impressed with her catering to my Gluten Dairy free diet that I ate like a Queen xx

You’ve given me a true gift and You have changed not only my life but my family’s life too.
— Sarah Peacock

Meet your facilitators 👇🏻

Ella Elizabeth Worsley - Blondie

Ella is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, a Master NLP Coach, Master Time Line Therapy coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and level 2 Reiki practitioner.
Her passion and purpose lies in empowering women to break through their self-imposed limitations that have prevented them from stepping into their most aligned and alive version of themselves.

Ella is committed to living in a world where we can all say to ourselves “I am enough”. That we know we are perfect, whole and complete just as we are. A world where we are so connected to our truth, where we are free to express ourselves fully and unapologetically. A world where we are free. Where we don’t feel the need to be anyone other than our true, authentic self.

Being of service through online group programs, workshops as well as working with with women one-on-one from all over the world.

Elle Louise McBride - Brunette

Elle Mcbride is a Havening Practitioner, who predominantly works with teenagers, corporate to everyday mums worldwide. The technique she uses unlocks the emotions and trauma that cause her clients physical and mental pain.

With over 2.5 years of extensive training and having immersed herself in personal development for 16 years, She confidently take women from feeling the heaviness of life to feeling lighter in both their physical bodies and mind.

Elle is clear that the unhappiness of humanity comes from the belief that we believe we are not enough and that is so far from the truth. Therefore, She has made it her mission to remind women of their worth so they can live a happy and incredible life.
Creating impact by one-on-one in in person meetings, coaching, retreats, virtual online sessions and through workshops and group programs.

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If you had the opportunity to change the course of your life for the better— in just five days, would you pass it up?

It’s time to remember WHO YOU ARE.


Love, Light & Curiosity x.

Ella + Elle