That voice inside us all

Most of us are aware we have a voice running (ALL THE FREAKING TIME) in our head, the inner dialogue” that sometimes and more often than not does not shut up. It feels like the mind is constantly busy ‘chattering’ to itself. Running an endless commentary about life, the world, our feelings, our problems, our friends, family and the neighbours cat. The list is endless and I get it, real talk – I once googled, how to stop thinking about thinking.

I drove myself a slightly insane I caught myself thinking about how much I was thinking about thinking, are you confused? I know I was and admittedly so was google.

The thoughts, words and pictures we make up in our mind are so important, your mind also learns by repetition. So I’ll say it again just in case you didn’t hear me the first time- the thoughts, words and pictures we make up in our mind are so  important!

Broken down, this means:

The word, the actual words you are verbally and mentally choosing.

The pictures, the way you are choosing to see things in your mind when you think about something.

Your thoughts, what you are thinking matters. To take it deeper your thoughts turn into actual matter, that matter is your reality. Therefore - your reality is what you’re thinking about.

The first step to changing your beliefs is to become aware of them.

Your mind doesn’t know what is right or wrong.

What you think about expands and that’s why dealing with your ‘issues and/or problems’ is so important. So you can move past the shitty foggy fear based stories that you’re telling yourself and holding yourself back! And remember you weren’t born with the beliefs, you simply picked them up and downloaded them into yourself from other people's beliefs. Time to upgrade?

Are you ready to take the shackles off your feet so you can dance?


Here are my tips to stop over thinking and come back to your truth:

1 – Breathe, find your breath and just be with it, notice if its soft and shallow or fast, acknowledge the pace, depth and repetition.

2 – Take your palms and rub them together as you would if you were washing them, allow yourself to think of something or someone you love. Hold that moment as you ‘Haven’ your hands.

3 – Look around you and notice 5 things, any 5 things. The mind likes distraction. If you need more distraction you would take this to 10 things.

4 – Journal, get a pen and paper out and write down what’s going on inside your thoughts, at the end of writing what’s going on in your thoughts, write 3 things you’re grateful for (they can be the simplest of things- mine is regularly my blender).

5 – Get out into nature. Feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin or the snow on your hands. Mother Nature is our best healer, the more love we give to her the more love we shall receive.

6 – Check out my blog on finding a mantra or on affirmations because there are some juicy nuggets in there about how the mind works and how to change the stories you keep telling yourself.

Todays Mantra -  I allow my mind to be still and trust that all is well in my world.

With love, light and curiosity

Elle xox