Stop the pity party

Stop the pity party-

When you spend your time feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is…. That is a pity party! It usually occurs when you are wearing Pj’s, nursing a bucket of ice cream and watching a sad movie, maybe even multiple sad movies.

For me, my pity parties are always about small things and usually things within my control. Often like when I’ve put expectations on someone to do something, and it didn’t go my way, or when I’ve bottled up my emotions. The worst kind of pity party, that I experience is when I've told someone that it's okay to borrow, use or have something when I really didn't want to say yes to, but felt I should because it will make them feel better. It’s the feeling of guilt afterwards that I allow myself to feel that gets me every time.

I will say this firmly because I learnt the hard way. Nothing is happening to you; everything is happening for you. I repeat, nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you.

God/ Universe/ the Divine (whatever you feel comfortable with) will only give you what you need to learn, or what you can handle. So, Step up brothers and sisters, what is it that you keep having to go through that you’re not learning?!

Your pity party might be a breakup, a work drama, you smashed the scene on your phone. Your pity party is anything that makes you want to curl up into the fetus position and stay there for as long as possible. til you can't stand yourself any longer and have to make a change.

Throwing a pity party will only make you feel like crap, by dragging the problem out! We all know that feeling and why the heck do we let ourselves?

The trick is catching yourself when you have these moments, do you know that fear and gratitude can’t live in the same moment? so, which will you choose?

Gratitude has played a massive part in my last 12+ months, and I will spend time diving deep into appreciation but what are you grateful for? Are you grateful for your breath? For your life? Your clothes? Freshwater?

Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles you have and start being grateful for all the difficulties you don’t have.

So stop, breath, and give thanks. Learn and laugh. The worst days are remembered for what we learn.

Take a moment-

I ask you to reflect back onto the last time you indulged in a pity party?

How did it make you feel?

How long did you stay in the negative village for?

Did throwing a pity party help?

Were your friends sick of listening to you?

Are you now able to see that life’s better now that it didn’t work out the way you first wanted?

What are three things you’re now grateful for?

This Blogs mantra - "I am in control of how I feel, and I choose to feel _________"

With love, light and curiosity

Elle xox