Stepping into the new year..

Wow, what a year it has been. Many highs and many lows and somewhere in between I feel a deep sense of gratitude and mourning. Looking back having thought I would have achieved more, yet also realising I’ve achieved beyond what I thought was possible. So here is a taste into what my minds been processing recently..

Realising that no one ever has it figured out and that we’re all just playing this game called life. I’m realising that it’s natural to not have a clue, Its okay to not know, its okay to let it all be okay.

I have realised that I am different and I’m so grateful that I am. I’ve realised that I am loved most when I am being myself.

I have realised that I hold the power to create the life that I want.

I have realised that I’m never alone.

I have realised that I bring a lot to the table.and that the table is long and there is so much room for everyone to also bring their uniqueness to the table..

I realised that even without Havening, I have the ability to heal those who are in my energy and space, by doing nothing just being in my company, I make others feel ‘better’.

I realised that my breath is my connection to life source.

I’ve realised that I am so deeply connected to everyone I meet and that I have so much to offer.

I finally realised what it meant when my father would tell me “pos, you can’t help everyone”

I’ve become okay with walking away from situations that don’t serve me.

I’m learning to let go of relationships, I’m learning to trust my inner wisdom, I’m learning to use my voice, I’m learning to say no, I’m learning to be disciplined, I’m learning that there is a greater plan than I could ever dream of.

I am okay with this, I am okay with the mess, I am okay with the magic.

I’m learning to use my mind, I’m learning to be my best friend. I am learning to practice what I preach, I am learning how to live this life as a human be-ing not a human do-ing. I’m a student for life and I’m okay with that.

I’ve learnt that its okay to not have a spotless home, it’s okay to let the laundry basket overflow and to have a long list of things to do but do nothing at all.

I’ve become okay with seeking help from other who have experience the same hurdles and who have overcome them and now use them as their strengths to inspire other, Its okay to have guidance from others who are still figuring out their shit as well,

again I’m learning that no one has it sorted,

therefore everything is always okay as it is. There is always a higher mountain, always another peak to get to and that's not scary anymore, that’s motivating.

I’ve learnt that moving my body in which ever way feels good is what it needs, I’ve learnt that if I need to sleep, I do. If I need to run, I do. If I need to jump, skip, yell, dance… I do, no pressure to do, just do what feels good.

I’m calling myself forward in honour of all of the others I know I can help.

I’ve learnt that I’ve been a Mumma bear, I’ve been in hibernation and the time is now, this year brings on my 30th trip around the sun and that excites me! There is nothing more that I want then to raising the happiness of humanity! BRING IT ON 2019 #bestyearyet

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Love, light & curiosity

Elle xo