Havening & Me

So, how I found Havening, I was living in my home town on the NSW south coast, things were pretty bad so I decided I would head to the Gold Coast for one week. I'd lived there before so was looking forward to it, plus I had a friend who was desperate for me to move there and help with her business.

I was approaching my last days on the Gold Coast, sitting in a coffee shop, when a lady came and sat by my friend. There and then I was introduced to Karen, which changed my life and introduced me the Havening Techniques. Karen, so divine and angel-like, suggested if I had time we could have a session. I said I was leaving in 2 days. She said sure, tomorrow morning, Does that work? 


So here I was between two power house women, having no idea what I was in for, but knowing whatever Karen was on, I wanted some of that! We exchanged emails and she sent me some info. I clearly remember sitting at Burleigh beach watching Dr. Ruden and thinking, that looks easy and light, surely it’s too good to be true?


Growing up I had a pretty great life, I now know my parents did their best with what they knew at the time. But, in saying that I was one moody-as-hell teenager with some serious daddy issues! I now acknowledge that I was also carrying a lot of trauma.


SESSION DAY: Karen arrives, and we sit down.  I’d never told anyone about what I was carrying. Divine Karen, held the space, allowed me to be vulnerable and made me feel safe as I went back to the traumatic event. Within about 25 minutes the memory was gone, wiped away and she even gave me the tools to use this gift on myself, WOW! Yep, WOW! MIND BLOWN!


The next day I returned to my hometown where I packed up my life and move to the Gold Coast by myself. Safe to say the drive was epic, I love a long drive - 16 hours of Ted Talks, singing, calling friends and enjoyable silence.  My car is a total safe haven.


I slept on my girlfriend’s lounge for a few weeks whilst I trusted in the Universe that it would all come together for me, and it did! I put it out there to the Universe, and it delivered!!


I caught up with the divine Karen again and she told me that the Haveners from the UK were coming in 2 weeks for the first Australian Havening Techniques training on how to become a practitioner. I wanted in! There was no way I was not being involved! Money was short, and my friend who introduced us suggested she’d pay and I’d work it off in time! So, I said Yes! That was November 24th, 2016.


I was then offered first choice on a unit by the beach where I would then live for over 2 years, mostly  by myself. There is no better way to get to know yourself, than spending every day with your one and only!


So here I am over 18 months on, with clients of my own that I am re-empowering, often in just 1 session. My life now has so much purpose and meaning, I am so strong and in love with who I am becoming.

This Blogs Mantra – "I am safe, calm and at peace with myself"

With love, light and curiosity

Elle xox