Finding a Mantra

Finding a Mantra

Firstly, if you’re asking what is a mantra, it is something that you say to yourself or out loud, A LOT. Something that you wish to embody into your belief system. Like an affirmation but in a statement more than a sentence. In many traditional practices mantras are often known as 'Om, Peace, Love' or Sanskrit phrases such as “Om Namah Shivaya” which can be interpreted as bowing to our true highest selves.

Mantras and positive affirmations are two unique ways to cultivate self-care and nourish your mind. 

When I in my early 20's I  used the mantra ‘I Love Me’, I would say it about everything! If I said something funny (‘I Love Me’), If I did 3 shots in a row (‘I Love Me’), if I got a bonus at work or if someone complimented me on my outfit’(‘I Love Me’). I used it about Me and Everything Fabulous I Did. This increased my confidence and really build up my ego!

We can fast forward a few years and now I've embodied, ‘I AM ENOUGH’.
Well in actual fact I've embodied the belief that ‘I am more then enough’

I’m starting to see the mantra 'I am enough' pop up everywhere and I love it, but apart from being a Instagram worthy post, we need to be living it! 

For me, you'll know I didn't always feel enough, in actual fact for years I lived in a state of 'confidently anxious' as I'd like to call it. Until, Havening 'found me' at one of my lowest points, for this I'm forever grateful. Having the feeling of 'worthless' removed from my subconscious, has had the most profound effect on my life.

Now as a practitioner of this incredible magic like therapy, removing encoded trauma and negative emotions from the subconscious is such an incredible feeling. however, when we 'remove a memory/feeling' we then leave white space, the mind loves whats familiar and will always go to whats feels good. For most, the mind will fill itself back up with either more negative experiences or create new ones. So this is why my mission is about building resilience. In a HT session I call this "putting in the good stuff" and the good stuff is "I am joyful, I am Happy, I am Safe..... I am Enough.  I personally say it many times a day, I say it in the shower, I say it when i brush my teeth, I have it written on my bathroom mirror and this might not come as a surprise, I have it on the back of my business card. Because, I know deep down without a doubt that I Am Enough, I always have been and I always will be and I know you are too.


So darling, where will you write “I am enough”

Here are some tips:

  • Your bathroom mirror.

  • Your screen saver. (check out my Pinterest page)

  • Your computer screen.

  • Your car window screen.

  • Your fridge.

  • Set a reminder to go off every day/ night on your phone.

  • Put it on the back of your bedroom door

  • On your shower window.

  • Your computer at work.

Anywhere and everywhere that you feel you need to. I’d love you to let me know where you do this! Tag me on Instagram or send me a private message, I'd love to support you on your journey back to your truth,