Be kind, To yourself

Be Kind to yourself

It does my head in, just how badly we can speak about ourselves. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for a long time. Daily I would have women commenting;

“If I was 10 kg Lighter.”

“If my thighs were thinner.”

“I hate my arms, bum, knees, legs.”

…. The list goes on.

This actually hurts my heart, not to mention my ears! I often respond:

“You’ve only got one body, you gotta love the one you were given”

You are stuck with you? Right? No one else. As far as I know we only get one life in this body? So please, be your best friend.

Something that moved me the second that I heard it, and still does is, “If you wouldn’t say that to your sister/ daughter, why would you say that to yourself”

Now when it comes to being nice to yourself, inside and out. I can guarantee if you don’t like something about your body, it ain’t going away easy. So, accept it and move on to bigger problems. - And don’t give me that ‘easier said than done, Elle”

“If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all” - Thumper from Bambi

That goes for others and for yourself.

Please beautiful women & men, respect yourself. Respect your body. I know for myself, as I can only speak for me. That the minute I started to not focus on my fitness as being something I simply had to do, and something that I enjoy doing, weight dropped off, I trimmed down and I became a lot sexier from the inside out.

The minute that I stopped dying my hair, getting regular haircuts, straightening it, teasing it, and continuously curling my mane, my hair became so beautiful. For such a long time when I would wash it, I’d have massive knots that would make me feel sick, near vomiting from having to brush and pull at my hair so much. I’ve even had times when I’ve had to cut knots out.

Today I get complements constantly about how amazing my hair is, So wanna know my secret?  I switched the story, for a few months - I’d brush my hair every night (when I’d remember) and say thank you hair, “thank you hair for being strong, thank you hair for growing long” Sounds funny, but it worked!

I also try to thank my feet, This one I got from my besties mum Anka, She is a podiatrist and its gods gift to her. One day my feet were so sore, I’d also thrown my sciatica nerve on my back and I was a mess. Anka came over to visit and said “ I hope you’ve thanked you feet” she held my feet and said “thank you for supporting Elle, for holding her up and for keeping her grounded, bless you”. I was so speechless. How had I never been told or thought to thank my feet, my poor little feet holding up this body, taking me everywhere, and I’ve just neglected them all this time!

The point in which i’m trying to make is- less sometimes really is more, doing less, thinking less and worrying less will really open up so much more for you, What’s one thing about yourself you wish you could change?

For one week, tell that thing/area that you love it, why you’re grateful for it.


  • Your freckles

  • Your arms

  • Your thighs

  • Your teeth

  • Your weight

Now everybody is different, if you’d like more support in overcoming these minor things in your life, reach out. I’ve had clients do complete 180’s from hating their natural beautiful faces to never wearing foundation again, to women not feeling sexy enough to go to the beach, to shopping for a bikini that afternoon.

You can overcome anything, just need to remember any thought you limit yourself to believing is a limiting belief, so switch it, if you cant switch it then get in contact and we’ll haven that!