Short Affirmational Statements

#addhavening to the below statements for a truly transformation experience and life!

By adding havening (#addhavening) to affirmations, they will be encoded up to 3 x faster. Below are beautifully put together statements on different topics all surrounding you and your belief system. Take the time to Haven them in whenever and where ever you feel called. 

With love, light and curiosity 

Elle xo


My uniqueness is my blessing

What makes me stand out is a gift that helps me embody my truth. What makes me different makes me lovable in a way that no one else is lovable.  What makes me unique physically and emotionally are the strengths that help me stand out, do more, and be myself. There is no other in the world, there will never be again, anyone quite like me and I proudly live up to the responsibility of being myself.


I am not my circumstances

I am not decided by my past. I am not ruled by what has happened to me. Hardships in my life are only learning opportunities of which I will succeed past. I am not limited by the things, people, and responsibilities in my current life because I will learn and grow and do whatever is required to move forward at the present time. My circumstances are only my starting point, not my end goal. I trust myself to figure it out as I go. I trust myself to make good decisions. I am on a path toward the future.


My wants have worth

What I believe in and what I want for myself and my life is important. Who I am matters. What I want matters. What I am trying to accomplish is important in this world because it is important to me, and my opinion and voice are just as worthy as anyone elses. My life has meaning, and I have a unique purpose to fulfil here. I will not be diminished just because other people cannot understand my worth; I do not need their approval. I approve myself, and I believe in me.


I am open

I do not count my hardships, I count my blessings. I am open to what is possible. I am open to the idea that life can surprise me, that I don’t know what the future holds. I am open to what life has to teach me, and what I can accomplish. I am open to the fact that I cannot even see how great I will become until I start becoming. I am open to blessings. I welcome opportunities with open arms, and I seek out miracles.


I teach others to believe in me by believing in myself

I understand that how I treat myself instructs others how to treat me. I understand that in believing in myself, I inspire other to believe in me, too. By respecting myself, I teach others to respect me. By honouring myself, I require that others honour me. I believe I am worthy, and my beliefs about myself are more important to me than the beliefs of others.


Fear of failure does not control me.

Although I may be fearful of failure, disappointment, or hurt, I do not allow that fear to affect my decisions and actions. I know that love and courage are stronger than fear, and I choose to be brave even when I feel fear. I do not allow fear to run my life, choose my action, or affect my mood. I do not give power to my fear by paying attention to it.


Being who I truly am is my divine right

I am the only me in the world, and I live up to my responsibility of being myself. I know that to be who I truly am in my body, mind and spirit Is my divine right. I know that my truth is a truth that needs to be spoken. I know that who I am is a beautiful person, and there is a difference I need to make in this world. I respect my individuality as my right, and I do not diminish who I am for the sake of others.


I act for my future, not because of my past

I do not let my past dictate my future. In my every decision, action and conversation, I conduct myself for the person I want to become, not the person I was in the past. I do not let my story and my past limit my potential or block my future capability. I forgive the past and release it. I face my heart and mind toward what is possible, and act in a way that the future me will be proud of.