The action of delaying or postponing something - Wikipedia

Why you don’t have procrastination, but why you are procrastinating…

You have a mobile phone you don’t have procrastination,

You have clothes on your body, you don’t have procrastination

You have a car to drive, you don’t have procrastination

You’ve created procrastination. You’ve created it because from the fear of doing something you don’t want to do or simple because you’ve not done it before

When we look at what brings on procrastination from doing the thing you want to do, the procrastination stems from fear, guilt, rage, stress, low self esteem and these emotions come from memories that we have experienced and it’s the mind again keeping us safe from the unknown.

Not all procrastinating is the same, from what I’ve come to learn there are the different types of procrastination, here is what they are;

  • Anxious procrastination-  Worried about what will happen, therefore putting it off

  • Fun procrastination - It won’t be fun, therefore putting it off

  • “Plenty of time” procrastination -  I’ve got plenty of time, therefore putting it off

  • Perfectionist procrastination - It has to be a certain way, therefore putting it off

  • Sleepy procrastination - sleeping too much, therefore putting it off

  • Productive procrastination - I’ve got so much to do, therefore putting it off

Tips to stopping

  • Step into the fear

  • Use the thing your procrastinating over as your reward

  • Use the end goal “feeling” as your motivation to get it done

  • Write a list and tick it off

  • Use Havening as a tool to down regulate the emotions causing you to procrastinate.

  • Set a timer on your phone for social media free time

  • Turn your phone off until you’ve done what you’ve needed to do

From little things big’s things grow, remember that nothing changes if nothing changes, The change has to come from the inside of you, change the mind, change the soul.

I’d love to know how this has helped you and maybe it's shaken up your thoughts around how you’ve created procrastination in your life and how you can stop, leave a comment below or email me directly, or on my social medias.

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Love, light & curiosity

Elle xo