The F Word - FEAR

I have clients come to be for many reasons, but mainly because they either have a memory that’s keeping them stuck in the past, a phobia or just a feeling they can’t explain but they want it to be gone.

The reason I love Havening so much is because it gets results, its rapid and based on factual science. What I’ve come to learn is that underlying almost every trauma and unpleasant feeling is Fear. We are born into this world with a couple of fears, fears of being dropped and a fear of starvation, I would go as far to say a fear of rejection. as well!

now , I spent a lot of my life as a people-pleaser, This is something i am still actively working on and people pleasing comes from fear of rejection.

Fear is underlining a lot of areas in our lives, some of the following might surprise you and the list could have been made a lot longer but here are the more common fears that I work with are:

Fear of…

  • Dying

  • Public speaking

  • Being alone

  • Changing a career

  • Ending a relationship

  • Illness

  • Success

  • Making a mistake

  • Intimacy

  • Getting old

I’m sure you can relate to a few of the above or even add some more, I’ve healed hundreds of people from their fears and it’s about getting to the root cause as to why they have the fear in the first place, because if we’re not born with the fear, its then something we’re created and therefore we can un-create it.

We all have different belief systems and that’s what makes us individually amazing humans, we’ve all experienced different experiences throughout life, some resulting in traumatic encoding. Therefore, we have different outlooks on things, we also may come from different cultures, countries, religious/non religious beliefs and no two stories are ever told the same.

Before I continue, Fear has 2 meanings

Face Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise..

There is always a choice

In overcoming the past and overcoming fear, we have to realise that the fear is just a thought that we have, a thought that we keep thinking and therefore it becomes real.

The subconscious doesn’t know/nor care if what you’re saying it real or not. It just responds to what you’re saying so you can say really whatever you feel and it will agree and think its true. This is why I love affirmations so much but also why I prefer to wire in pleasant thoughts and not unpleasant thoughts.

Yes, I’m human, Yes I still have my moments and even writing this blog has taken me two hours of bingeing on Netflix and half a bag of potato chips because of the fear of ‘who do I think I am’ but hey, I’m showing up, committed to living my life as authentic as possible and creating change in the lives of others! Why? because I’ve let fear hold me down for too long and it is bloody hard pulling yourself out of the shackles of fear, time and time again.

In the affirmations section on my website you’ll find ‘Overcome Fear affirmations’ and a link to my YouTube video for the audio. I’ve also been announced as a teacher on Insight Timer App which can be downloaded free via the App store or Google play. PS - Insight timer is the worlds #1 mediation app, this is pretty exciting news!!

Happy listening and Happy overcoming your fears!