Affirmations are an amazing tool that are completely underrated in my personal opinion. I have benefited exceptionally from repeating affirmations. As apart of my morning and evening routines when I’m in the shower I read out my affirmations and add Havening Touch to help them encode faster ( the Dr’s and science proves it helps to encode memory up to x3 faster). My personal daily affirmations are a mix bag, but if you’re looking for changes in a specific area try to focus on one area at a time. eg - self love, abundance, health.

An affirmation is to affirm something as being real, when you say an affirmation you are sending a message to your unconscious mind and the universe. You are focusing your attention to what you want, rather than what you don’t want and your unconscious mind and the universe will then go towards bringing to you that which you are asking for.

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between your reality and your imagination, and I believe that Magic comes from imagination. Affirmations are a great way of re-programming and focusing your mind so you can eliminate negative patterns of behavior. When you know how to work the unconscious mind, you can do so much with it. Hence why I love to use Havening Techniques with my clients when they come to me for help!

So here are some affirmations to get you going, you can change and adjust them to fit your personal journey, just make sure you keep them positive and avoid mentioning anything negative.

How to add self Havening Touch


Bring your hands to your most comfortable position (your Palms, Shoulders to elbows or face) as shown above and start to haven. Start wherever feels most comfortable and you can switch at any point start to haven, like you would nurture a baby, someone you love or an elderly person. Soft strokes on average 1 stroke per second. Now read the affirmations out aloud and let them sink in like moisturizer on dry skin!

With love, light & Curiosity

Elle xo